Alberto Mascherpa OnLus is  a non-profit structure, has no time limits and operates in the Lombardy Region.
The foundation has the sole purpose to carry out help, support and social solidarity in favor of institutions or individuals in state of need.
Good works are addressed with privilege to the elderly, the children and the sick, following the teachings of Alberto Mascherpa.
The "projects" to be financed are selected favoring the places dear to Alberto Mascherpa, for example, Montano Lucino (COMO), Caronno Pertusella (VARESE) and Milan.
Alberto Mascherpa
We have to understand the meanings of the day-to-day acts of life we ​​live.
Hope is a feeling decisive in our lives.
We are always looking for our happiness.
The Post-Modern era is a frantic rush of scientific advances.
But also a negative mutation of human life.
We have forgotten the values.  And the solidarity.
At the end of each day in the world 24,000 people die of hunger,

one-third of the world do not have electricity,
a billion and a half does not have drinking water.
We must think.
How lucky we are.
We must explain it to our kids.
To young people who are not jars to be filled but torches to light.
People in need of our help are close to us.
Children and the elderly, the beginning and the end of our parable called life, are the ones most in need of our help.
We must not forget them.”

Alberto Mascherpa